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Hand Sewn Sheep – a free toy pattern

Hand Sewn Sheep – a free toy pattern

Have you ever tried sewing? I love various sewing projects – this is an amazing way of creating truly unique items – gifts for example. The photos below are of the sheep that I have sewn some time ago as a gift for a friends daughter. I wanted to share this project with you and encourage you to try a little bit of sewing. Why not sewing a unique toy for your child, niece or nephew? It is not that difficult. The best thing is that you actually do not have to buy any fabrics. The pieces that you use for sewing are so small, that you can recycle some old shirts or other clothing garments. You can also use some fabric scraps leftover from your bigger projects.

So here you go – I also have a free pattern for you that you can download.


Enjoy your free sheep sewing pattern and your sewing project 🙂

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