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Necklace made of Reclaimed Cotton or old T-shirts

Necklace made of Reclaimed Cotton or old T-shirts

This necklace is a very easy to make. Can be no-sew if you want to use a hot glue only, but I would say, that supporting the strips of cotton with a little bit of thread make them more durable. I, to make these two recycled cotton necklaces, used hot glue on the edges where I tightly wrapped the fabric around the hanging parts and then I sewn it a little bit.

This kind of necklaces can be made of ready cut recycled cotton that this days can be purchased at most of the craft shops and is accessible online, I, however, suggest to recycle old t-shirts. Cotton T-shirts are knited in the way that when cut into narrow (appx 1-1,5 cm ) strips, they do not rip and nicely roll into tube shapes. You can cut them wider if you want to give the cotton twists more body. Then you can decide on the length of your necklace – various dimensions can be used depending on whether you want it short or long.

You can also use a recycled cotton to make other accessories – so much more than just  necklaces. You can make anything from a necklace to a headband, a bracelet to an anklet, the strings in this scarf can be removed to make different accessories or color arrangements. They can be worn in a multitude of different looks to express your style.

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