Pastels and Mixed Techniques on Canvas

When I immerse myself in something that I want to paint, the idea for the painting becomes clear to me. Because quite often I start painting without knowing exactly how it will turn out, as I put those first colors on the support, I am always nervous about what I am doing, because I do not know where I am going with it.

But as I continue, one technique or color leads to another, and I just know how to move on. If it feels right, I can continue. If not, I have to set it aside until I am inspired to go on…

Pastels are among my favourite  techniques.  I also like mixing various techniques. Mixed Media Art Techniques with Acrylics  can easily  create a three-dimensional, interest-grabbing effect. I love  an aged look for my paintings and also complex colors , so I often scrub off paint with a sponge, and sometimes with sand paper. When the paint is fresh I will just use water, on older paint I might use alcohol to help remove paint.

Below you can see some examples of my pastels and few acrylics  paintings that I have left.

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