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DIY Plastic Pouch

DIY Plastic Pouch

I had this idea for a while.  It’s such waste to use and throw away all these plastic containers. I reuse them as often as I can. Here is a short video showing how you can make a plastic pouch out of used empty cream, shampoo or face wash tubes. It took me 20 minutes altogether – including washing and fixing these magnetic clasps. They are perfect for carrying small items like keys, earphones or even coins – I hate when all these things fly loose in my handbag!  If you don’t like the colour or design of the container, you can also spray it with multipurpose spray paint  (you might need a few layers of layers to cover the branding).



Here is a list of items you would need to make it (A shopping List)

Empty plastic tube or container which you obviously have 🙂 

magnetic bag clasp


Precision craft knife

Cutting Matt


Enjoy Crafting! 

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DIY pallet seat with wheels

DIY pallet seat with wheels

When I planned to visit my sister in law and she asked me for help with upcycling a small pallet she had. Upcycling? No problem! I ordered all necessary materials beforehand and with everything ready, within three hours built this small seat on wheels. It even fits under the coffee table so if it is not used, doesn’t take space unnecessarily. 

If you happen to use the waterproof fabric its a perfect seat for outdoor areas. 

I did not expect how much fun the two little nices of mine will have one the project was finished. The pallet seat turned into a magic carpet for the evening 🙂

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Hand Painted Glass Christmas Tree Bulbs

Hand painted glass christmas tree decor is an amazing alternative for everywhere available cheap plastic christmas tree bulb

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Christmas tree diy sewn decorations

Christmas tree diy sewn decorations

Some inspiration for those of you who are not great fans of plastic mass sold Christmas decorations. I like my Christmas tree different, more traditional. I like thinking that it looks more like hundreds years ago when the tradition of decorating trees started and our grand- grand- grandmothers were making decorations themselves. Well.. I have…

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Stencil painting on reclaimed wood

Stencil painting on reclaimed wood

A quick stencil (painting was quick, not cutting the stencil) from last weekend.

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Decoupage Candles – a Quick Video Tutorial

Decoupage Candles – a Quick Video Tutorial

I recently made som candles and recorded the process of making on the video that I would like to share with you. Watch that video if you want to quickly learn how to make a candle with a lovely decoupage. It is easy enough and you don’t need ant special equipment or tools.

For that occasion, I used napkins with flower motives, but I now am looking for napkins with Halloween motives to make my Halloween centrepieces. The technique will remain the same.

Before you start a piece of advice – I would always use try to match the colour of candles and colour of motives on the napkins. In these case I had orange and green candles and I found napkins with similar colour scheme. Thi way candles look more natural.

What you need:

  • Candle
  • Paper napkins
  • Scissors
  • Baking paper
  • Adhesive tape
  • Hair dryer
  • Decorative ribbon

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Repurposed coffe and tea cans – stencil painted 

Repurposed coffe and tea cans – stencil painted 

I had many empty coffee cans and quite a mess in my tea and coffee cabinet, so I decided to paint them and have them labelled.

Here is how you can repurpose old coffee cans by turning them into tea and coffee containers and keep the shelves organised.

  1. You can make your own stencils  or download them. If you search online, there are plenty ready to go labels but if you have lots of different types of tea you are better off making your own stencils.  After printing cut them out.

2. Clean the cans from the dust and grease. Paint them in one colour. I painted my cans in black. Then, using adhesive (a tiny amount) , fix your stencils to the cans and spray over. Let it dry a little bit and remove the paper to allow drying completely. If there are any aces of adhesive left,  remove them gently.

3. As we are in the duo lingual home, I made my stencils in two languages –  Polish and English

4. Cutting stencils took me a while as I had to make lots of them – each tea and coffee type in two languages.

5. Nicely organised cans. They can be displayed like this.

6. I also painted the lids so I can stack them horizontally – this way I  have easier access to everything on the shelf.

7. No more mess or confusion as what tea is in each can 🙂


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Apple Croissants for weekend’s brekkie?
It can be ready in 20 minutes!

Apple Croissants for weekend’s brekkie? <br> It can be ready in 20 minutes!

Who doesn’t like a nice brekkie at the weekend? Something that marks this time as special and makes us feel like we receive a special treat. I do 🙂 I love that sweet smell of freshly baked pastries and freshly brewed coffee. But who wants to spend hours in the kitchen baking first thing on Saturday or Sunday morning? Not me. So I cheat a little bit. I bake, but to speed up the process, I use ready made rolled croissants pastry.  And here is a short video how to make croissants with apples.  Enjoy!

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Spray painted wicker laundry baskets

Spray painted wicker laundry baskets

Another project finished and ready to share. We wanted to refresh our bathroom and after having it painted  in gray,  I decided that the two laundry wicker baskets there,  also deserve some uplifting. Before painting anything you have to remember to clean it thoroughly. The baskets were a bit dusty so I dusted them with…

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