Upholstery DIY project – renovate an old stool

What is necessary to start this little upholstery project? To renovate and uplift an old armchairs or stools you need:

  1. manual skills
  2. old armchairs, chairs, stools or some other furniture that you can practice your upholstery on
  3. tools and materials for renovating   (The only tools I was using were a small hammer, upholstery stapler and scissors)

Shopping list

I live in Ireland, but find most supplies quite expensive. I therefore did all my shopping abroad. I am including links to the online shop I was using.

This was the stool I wanted to change and uplift.

I had to get rid of the sheepskin. I liked the design, but it was so dirty that I could clean it so decided to change the upholstery altogether.  I decided to use the materials left over from the bigger project: armchair upholstery project.

I sandpaper the wood and painted it with the matt paint for wood. you can also use a chalk paint.  I put three layers, each after drying was sandpapered.

Cut the circle from the thicker foam (I had the leftovers only, so I had to deal with two half circles)

I stapled the edges to the top of the stool. You can also ude the special adhesive in spray.

It followed with the second, thinner foam layer. I also had to cut the circle, but this time, a bigger circle so in could be folded  underneath the seat.

I have attached the foam to the sides of the seat with the upholstery stapler. You can also attach it to the underneeth part of it.

The very las step is to cut the fabric. (before that you an put another layer of cotton or linnen fabric to cover the faom, i did not do it as I had no left). The upholstery fabric is attached underneath the seat.

A tutaj znajdziecie dokladny opis jak tapicerowac fotele i tutorial ze zdjeciami: Jak odnowic stare fotele.