Streetwise Community Circus from Belfast

Last weekend me and my friend went to Belfast to meet another friend. We had a fantastic time of course:) There was some beer, mould wine at the Christmas market, we tasted some continental dishes, met many friendly people.
We happened to see a fantastic performance of this samba band that appeared from nowhere and started playing in one of the side street gates. I am not even sure where was it, maybe somewhere close to the Duke of York?  It doesn’t actually matter. What does important,  is that they were incrediblel! If you are ever in Belfast keep an eye open for them, if you hear the sound of drums follow it! It is certainly worth to see this colorful, noisy and happy crowd.  The music was terrific, but it wasn’t only music. These folks are performers. Big time! Everything was amazing: their outfits, their behaviour, everything! Streetwise Community Circus was one of the best street performances I have ever seen (and I have seen many)
A friend who was with me told me that they were called Streetwise Community Circus and I of course didn’t remember! It took me a while to find them online. I searched for Belfast Street Band, Belfast Samba Band and even Belfast Music Performers… Nothing worked… Then I remembered that I have  gotten a card from one of the guys. Thank God for that! I have managed to find the  streetwise circus facebook page and the website, but still wasn’t sure if I look at the same people… Well…  if there is only one Streetwise Community Circus I was. If you are lucky enough to live in Belfast, you can even join them for their Streetwise Community Circus workshops.

I wasn’t  well prepared for taking any pictures on that evening, took my worse lens with me but still love the pictures! They are showing the emotions and dynamics.

I took plenty of photos during my weekend in Belfast, but these of the Streetwise Community Circus are what will remain in my memory. Thanks a lot guys!

One comment on “Streetwise Community Circus from Belfast
  1. We are indeed part of Streetwise Community Circus Workshops.
    Our very own facebook page can be found here:
    Thanks for the kind words and great photos!