Spray painted wicker laundry baskets

Another project finished and ready to share.

We wanted to refresh our bathroom and after having it painted  in gray,  I decided that the two laundry wicker baskets there,  also deserve some uplifting.


Before painting anything you have to remember to clean it thoroughly. The baskets were a bit dusty so I dusted them with a dry brush and then cleaned them inside and outside under the shower.  It is important to remove any traces of dirt before painting. If you don’t, the spray will work as dust fixer – you will spray over the dust and will have to look at it forever.  So – dust the surface. I used a washing liquid ( other detergents are also ok – anything to help remove grease) and let it dry. Then you apply three or even four spray paint layers, letting each of them dry, before applying the next one. When painting wicker, it is important to apply paint at different angles, to make sure that all, even tiniest gaps between the wicker are covered. If I can give you advice regarding the choice of paint, when you intend painting items that will be used in the bathroom, try to find some multipurpose paint that would be damp resistant  – anything for outdoor should survive the bathroom dampness. The colour is, of course, your personal preference. I decided to paint lids in dark graphite glossy finish  grey and balance it with much lighter sandy grey satin finish baskets.


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  1. Maebh says:

    What kind of paints did you use – what is the brand?