Repurposed IKEA stool- chair turned into a coffee table 

I don’t like throwing out things.  Every time I have something broken , I try to find new ways of using it. Repurposing.   This is one of the examples.  Everyone knows IKEA . I find  different IKEA pieces in almost every rented apartment I visit. So basically we all have the same pieces of furniture.   Who does not like having unusual things? I hope that this idea might inspire some of you.

What happened? i have accidentally damaged one of my IKEA stools by leaving it too close, or rather immediately under the bbq. While it was on. The stool melted.

I was about to get rid of it,, when I noticed that the seat could be detached.

I unscrewed  all four screws.

Then , using stencils I painted a square piece of wood. This will be your countertop. For this particular project i reused the clock clock wooden panels (6inch floor boards). You can paint the stencil on wood directly, I had a silverish base coat and painted stencil as my second coat.

When it dried I removed the stencil pieces.

When completely dry, I placed legs on the reverse  side of the wood and screwed it back using the same original screws.

Following that I painted stoll’s legs. You can also paint them before attaching the countertop.

And.. voile! the small table is ready. I use mine in the patio, in addition to the big table. it is really handy to move as it is very light.

At the same time  the table is heavy heavy enough to be  is stable and sturdy. This is important as in can be quite windy  at my terrace.

Let me know if you like it. The cost is close to nothing. A spray paint and wooden plank or panels leftovers.