Handmade Christmas Decorations – Painted Glass Christmas Tree Balls

There’s something about handmade ornaments that really make me smile.  I often make ornaments with my family.   Especially I like  the traditional glass Christmas tree  balls – colorful and shiny, as I remember from my grandparents Christmas tree. Beautiful radiant colors.. and the tension that we were all decorating the Christmas tree with. We all new the balls are made of glass and if we drop one, it can break into the pieces. We all had to be careful and I really liked it! And of course the fact that every Christmas tree looked completely different years ago, because all the decorations and ornaments were handmade and therefor different.  There is something magical about this memories..  We still have some of them to hang on our tree!   But as I said – they are fragile and their life can be quite short and last year my cat destroyed few of them.  So I decided to bring to this world more colorful, hand painted glass Christmas ornaments.