Hand Painted  T-shirts

T-shirts with the unique manually painted motifs  are sagnificant element of my artistic portfolio.

All motifs on the t-shirts are with hands,  brushes or sponges.  Special  paints for textiles and fabric are used for creating the original motifs.
After drying, the painting is hardened by heating and cooling it a few times. As a result it is very durable.
I tested it myself by washing one of the tops in 90 degrees – the painting took it well!

The recommended washing temperature would be 30-40 degrees. This would guarantee the life of the paining!
Lot of people wear the hand painted tops already. I wear them too and after two years the paintings still look like they are brand new!!!

Each top is unique!  Please visit our Painted T-shirts Shop on Etsy if you want to see  my unique t-shirts available for sale.

If you want I can also paint any design you wish 🙂 well.. almost 😉