Hand painted t-shirt, made to order

For a long time I was studying various painting techniques. One of my favourite ones is painting on Fabric. And this is for a couple of reasns.

Firstly, it is practical and secondly it is creative. With little bit of imagination and manual skills any sort of fabric (top, t-shirt, handbag, coat etc) can be upcycled. I love it 🙂

All my hand painted items are  made to order, signed, dated and numbered. The motif can be painted on any fabric (the best is cotton). I can provine almost any colour, any size., for female and male.

T shirt with the unique motif painted with hands. Special fabric paints are used for creating the original motifs.
After drying, the painting is hardened by heating and cooling it a few times. As a result it is very durable.
I tested it myself by washing one of the tops in 90 degrees – the painting took it well!

The recommended washing temperature would be 30-40 degrees. This would guarantee the life of the paining!
Lot of people wear the hand painted tops already. I wear them too and after two years the paintings still look like they are brand new!!!

Each top is unique!

If you want I can also paint any design you wish 🙂 well.. almost 😉

Please note, as the t-shirts will be hand painted there are likely to be minor blemishes and a slight variation in colours compared to those shown on screen.

Visit my shop if you would like to buy hand painted top or hand painted t shirt,