Edgy, funky baby and toddler clothing – hand painted limited edition

I have recently came back to painting on fabric. What I realised was that I have big collection of hand painted male t-shirts and many cool hand painted girl tops.  What I was lacking is clothing for  children.  So I decided to do something about this  gap. Here you can see the the limited collection of 9 hand painted baby body suits.   I was motivated by some friends who keep saying, that all baby cloths are sweet, too sweet. They complained that it is quite  difficult to find  unique, funky and cool baby cloth for their children.  Naughty parents want they children to look naughty too 😉 The second contributing factor was that it is nearly Christmas time.  I decided to incorporate some Christmas motifs to my baby suits painted designs.  You will find here Christmas nsaughty  reindeers and one naughty girl with flower and with… an axe.

PS. If you wonder about the three green creatures they can be three  wise man.. from the space 😉