DIY painted garbage bins

When we moved to a new apartment, I had nowhere to put the bins. The only place they would fit was under the glass console table next to the balcony door. I didn’t really like how that side of my kitchen looked. I wanted to make it look bit more cozy. I decided to spray-paint the bins so they match the rug I got from Ikea.
The overall cost of this project €20 – I needed 4 cans of spray paint €5 each.
I first cleaned the surface with the spirit and then applied one color and let it dry. I then used masking tape to make clear edges. I applied each color as a separate layer and let it dry. Only one the layer I have applied was completely dry I was applying another one. I noticed that depends some paints seems to be weaker than the others and when I was removing the masking tape I had to be very careful so that the layer that I was covering with the masking tape stays and it’s not removed or doesn’t chip.