Another item completed over this summer. I was working very hard to make  my outdoor area colorful and cozy 🙂

We have a big table and chair but I had no small table that could be  used when sitting on the bench. I found three small pallets and made this table out of them. I had to cut “legs” from – the bars at the bottom. I then used these bars I between two pallets – bottom one is upside down, then the bars from cut from the second pallet and the third one on the top. All elements connected together with the screws. Before connecting them I painted each of the parts with outdoor green paint and finished with the outdoor varnish. Finally I attached the wheels.

This palet table is super handy as can be moved around easily.

And this is the leg part cut off from one of the palets that I used in between two other palets to extend the height of the table.